Streaming Radio


MARGHERITA NETWORK is the channel that transmits Italian music only from the sixties to present day. The great Italian classics, the news, the tradition and the new hits are all blended together in the best Radio Margherita style.
Our careful musical choice based on the melody and on the catchy rhythm of the songs we put out, makes Radio Margherita a very special broadcasting station.
Radio Margherita is unique and people love it because it is the ideal companion throughout the day.


MARGHERITA GIOVANE is the channel thought for youngsters. You can listen to the most recent Italian music but, at the same time, you can enjoy a few of the great hits of the past. It is the perfect mix for young people, or for those who feel so, created according to the unmistakable style of Radio Margherita.

For further information on streaming and for all technical problems, visit the GUIDE TO STREAMING (Handbook).